Will Your Immigration Case Be Impacted by the New Rule that Went into Effect on Jan. 17th?

Businessman writing NEW REGULATIONS on Blackboard

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) rule “Retention of EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 Immigrant Workers and Program Improvements Affecting High-Skilled Nonimmigrant Workers” took effect on January 17, 2017. The rule amends regulations related to certain employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visa programs, so you may be wondering if you will be impacted.

If your case is adjudicated after January 17th, 2017, it will be subject to the new rule.

For some cases, this means being judged by a harsher standard. However, we do not anticipate a major impact for most cases. This is because some of these regulations and policies were already in use in practice, just not yet codified into law.

However, some changes are brand new and therefore untested. We will be monitoring how these changes are put into practice to better understand how they can potentially benefit or harm the cases of our clients.

We will update our LinkedIn, blog, and newsletter with more detailed information about the new rule as well as any major changes to immigration law under the new administration.

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