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Dolly Parton Faces Opposition from Dolly Madison in Trademark Classification

One would think that Dolly Parton can have whatever trademark registration she likes. The singer’s multi-decades career almost guarantees recognition by a majority of the US population — if not the world.  However, a current dispute between the singer and Dolly Madison, an American Bakery brand owned by Hostess Brands, illuminates trademark classification and opposition… and why Parton might have to back down on this one. Dolly’s Signature Mark Early last year, Dolly Parton filed […]

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Fighting For the Teardrop: Hershey Threatens Trademark Infringement

Hershey Co. has threatened a trademark infringement lawsuit against a California keto-cookie brand known as The Cookie Department. The alleged infringement stems from a shape that most of us know (and some of us love), the iconic teardrop shape of a chocolate chip. As part of its trademark infringement claim, Hershey asks that The Cookie Department: Halt using the chocolate chip shape in its packaging and online map symbols Hand over profits received through this […]

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Termination Rights: Are Original Marvel Illustrators and Writers Entitled to a Piece of Disney’s Profits?

Currently, Disney faces multiple termination of copyright notices filed on behalf of five comic writers and artists of the original Marvel Comics.  The artists (or their heirs) claim that they played pivotal development roles in creating characters like Spider-Man and Iron Man. Even though Disney owns Marvel, these writers and artists want to take back the copyrights for their characters. Bottom line, this means once the creators own the copyright they could receive a percentage […]

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Janice Richardson arrival announcement in the Jacksonville Daily Record

Check out this past Monday’s Jacksonville Daily Record announcing Janice Richardson’s start with Marks Gray! Farah & Farah, Marks Gray and Boyd & Jenerette add attorneys | Jax Daily Record | Jacksonville Daily Record – Jacksonville, Florida

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What Proactive Steps Can Employers Take to Lessen the Likelihood of Form I-9 Investigation or Fines?

This is the tenth and final post in a series promoting the publication of my new book: I-9 Employment Verification eGuide: A Practical and Time-Saving Resource for HR Professionals. This free guide helps HR professionals navigate the many routes of the I-9 verification process. This series of posts covers the first chapter of the book, “Top 10 Questions from Employers About I-9s.” So far, I have posted on: 6 of the Top I-9 Mistakes That […]

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Edward Birk elected to the Florida First Amendment Foundation’s Board of Trustees!

Congratulations to First Amendment attorney Edward Birk for being named to the Florida First Amendment Foundation’s Board of Trustees! The First Amendment Foundation believes that government openness and transparency are critical to citizen trust and involvement in our democratic society. Through ongoing monitoring of the state’s public records and open meetings laws, and the education of government officials and the citizens they serve about those laws, the Foundation promotes the public’s constitutional right to oversee and to […]

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