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Congressman Under Investigation by Bar for Public Statements

The Florida Bar has opened an ethics investigation on Congressman Matt Gaetz following a tweet in February. Many thought his message sounded like witness intimidation leading up to congressional testimony by Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney. Congressman Gaetz deployed his statement via his Twitter account: “Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. […]

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Saturday and the Witch Woman

Last Friday, I received a surprise in the mail, a hardcover book called Saturday and the Witch Woman written by Tom Ott, my client and friend. Tom is a professor of Caribbean history who has wanted to write about Saturday for many years. Several years ago Tom sent a draft of the book for me to read and give him my opinion. He has now come full circle and actually published the book in hardcover […]

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“Ex Pertinacia Victoria”

“Ex Pertinacia Victoria” or Victory Through Determination is the motto of Jacksonville’s professional soccer team. And this motto also guides our immigration vision and work with our clients and engagement in our community. We’re proud of our multi-talented team member Gabbie Buenano who for over three years has passionately supported our client, professional soccer team Armada F.C. She is pictured here with Nathan Walter, Armada’s remarkable President and General Manager and friend. Thank you, Gabbie […]

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What’s Allowed under Fair Use of Copyright-Protected Work?

Copyright registrations protect owners’ original works from other people reproducing, distributing, displaying, and/or performing the original works or creating derivative works. But the laws surrounding copyright protection are not exactly sealed tight. References to copyright-protected work are all around us, and you can bet that most of those people did not get permission. So when is the use of copyrighted material okay? And when does it cross the line? The United States Copyright Act has […]

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FAQs about F-1 OPT Work Authorization Verification

Many F-1 students selected under the H-1B lottery have an expiring or expired Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Our clients are asking us how to verify their work authorization. We have created these FAQs to guide you through the process. Download the PDF

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Three Common Trademark Mistakes Made By Businesses

rubber stamp printed with trademark[/caption] The names, symbols, and logos associated with your business can be valuable assets. By registering them as trademarks, you help protect your business from predatory competitors who want to make money off your hard work. Unfortunately, many businesses make some simple mistakes that impact their ability to benefit from that protection. Learn from the errors of businesses that have come before you to ensure you correctly apply for and maintain […]

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