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Extending H-1B Visas Beyond 6 Years and Recapturing Time

For H-1B visa holders and their employers, it’s valuable to understand the options for an extension of time beyond six years. Check out our FAQs to understand the opportunities that may be available. Read the FAQs.  

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Immigration Tips from Giselle’s Presentation at the Coleman Roundtable

Giselle was recently invited by a client to snowy and beautiful Minnesota to participate in a Business Roundtable hosted by the distinguished Coleman Law Firm, LLC. There, she shared insights and practical advice on current immigration issues – primarily H-1Bs. Here are some of the key points. The process is a rollercoaster. Celebrate every win. The current cap of 65,000 H-1B visas needs to change. The adjudicatory process over the last two years has been […]

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H-1B Flowchart and Will There Be a Lottery? What Are My Chances?

Clients often ask us to explain the long, complicated, and bureaucratic H-1B visa process, so we are sharing our H-1B flowchart to help you get an overview of the process. We have also been getting many questions about this year’s H-1B lottery. Will there be one? How does it work? What are my chances? We expect that, yes, there will be an H-1B lottery this year because of the tremendous demand for talent, our strong […]

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Alert about Employees in F-1 Status Changing to H-1B

Most students in F-1 or J-1 status are exempt from FICA (Medicare and Social Security) taxes, but once an employee’s status changes to H-1B, that exemption ends. They will become subject to FICA taxes. As the employer, you must begin withholding FICA taxes upon the effective date of the change.

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Giselle Carson appears on WJXT with Kent Justice and Professor Ericka Curran to discuss H-1B and H-2B visa changes

Giselle Carson, business immigration attorney and Marks Gray shareholder, along with Professor Ericka Curran of the Florida Coastal School of Law, discussed H-1B and H-2B visa changes on WJXT, Channel 4, with Kent Justice on This Week in Jacksonville. Watch the video to learn more about the impact of these changes. Stay up to date on changing legislation, visa options, and other immigration related topics by visiting the Marks Gray’s immigration site. . About Giselle […]

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Giselle Carson on WJXT’s The Chat – Part 1

On April 3, Giselle appeared on WJXT’s The Chat to share her journey from being an immigrant (twice!) to becoming an immigration attorney and to talk about the process of helping employers with our complex immigration system and individuals to immigrate to the United States. The first part of the interview focused on Giselle’s personal journey and the importance of the April 3rd H-1B deadline this year.

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