Do You Know the Current Processing Time for Your Case?

We encourage our clients and readers to please check the approximate processing times published by USCIS for certain petitions and applications.

Although these are only approximate times, they can help you plan better, including postponing or cancelling travel plans; planning for a new hire or a new job; and/or applying for a driver’s license.

With a caveat, the actual processing times can be longer (and in some unique and welcomed situations slightly faster) than those published.

If your case is beyond the published processing time, you may have two options to encourage the forward movement of your case:

NCSC operators will only take a service request if the case is not outside the USCIS’ published processing times.

USCIS released updated processing time reports for the California Service Center (CSC), the Nebraska Service Center (NSC), the Texas Service Center (TSC) and the Vermont Service Center (VSC).