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CPT, OPT, and OPT STEM Guide for HR Pros and F-1 Students

This quick and practical reference PDF provides the information you need at a glance to identify the key differences between CPT, OPT, and STEM OPT – including the basic requirements and work authorization evidence. Thanks go to Ellen Mazujian and Gabbie Buenano for their assistance with this practical guide. Download the PDF

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A Battle Between Human Rights: The Right to Be Forgotten v. The Right to Know and Be Known

As we barrel headlong through the digital age, we are forced to confront new challenges to freedom of speech, privacy, and open government. The European Union recently blazed its own trail on these issues, giving those of us in North America a chance to see how their experiment in balancing these interests succeeds or fails. The Internet has no borders, and that’s part of the challenge. A big part of this is “the right to […]

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It’s Your First Amendment Right to Follow Elected Officials on Social Media, Rules Virginia Court

The Obama era was the first time that social media was truly recognized by elected officials as an effective tool for communicating directly with the public. Because it’s relatively new on the political scene, there are not many precedents set for how social media can lawfully be used by elected officials. However, those precedents are popping up – and quickly. Two Cases: One Open, One Shut Three years ago this month, a court ruled that […]

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Can You Register a Scent as a Trademark?

You have a product with a very specific smell. It makes your product absolutely unique. In fact, the scent is so unique that you want people to associate it with your product and nothing else. Can you register the scent as a trademark? It is possible to register a scent as a trademark. Play-Doh has done it. Even a sewing thread has done it. But no products that were created to deliver a specific smell […]

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Marks Gray, P.A. Celebrates its 120th Anniversary

Established in 1899 by Richard P. Marks and Samuel R. Marks, Marks Gray, P.A. is pleased to announce the firm’s 120th-anniversary providing exceptional legal counsel to individuals and businesses throughout Northeast Florida. In 1905, the Marks brothers and Francis M. Holt formed Marks, Marks & Holt on West Bay Street in Jacksonville. The attorneys dedicated themselves to providing businesses and individuals with the highest level of professional legal services. Today, Marks Gray, P.A. continues the […]

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Changes Announced to the H-1B Cap-Subject Process Days Before Filing Began

On April 1, 2019, USCIS started taking cap-subject H-1B petitions for FY 2020. Just 20 days before that, they released a memo detailing a new filing process. It includes changes to premium processing that have never been tested or used and the announcement of a new H-1B Data Hub online. The changes to premium processing are based on a new two-phase approach. The first phase applies to FY 2020 cap-subject H-1B petitions that request a […]

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