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Tips for Business Owners: Carefully Select and Protect Trademarks

A trademark identifies a product’s source. It helps customers differentiate your business from competitors. If you develop a good reputation, customers know they can trust products bearing your trademark. Service marks are close cousins to trademarks and serve a similar purpose. They just identify the source of services, instead of goods. But not all logos or business names qualify for registration with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the accompanying protections. Consider […]

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Tips for Business Owners: 3 Must-Do’s When Creating Your Logo

A recognizable logo allows you to advertise your business anywhere – on your storefront sign, website, business cards, employee ID cards, in-store signage, product packaging, print ads, social media accounts, and so many more places. It is a crucial part of branding, so businesses should take the time to ensure it is done right. But before you commit to any concept for your logo, work with an intellectual property lawyer to do a trademark search. […]

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Tips for Business Owners: Your Website Means You Operate in the Global Market

It is easy to think of yourself as a small, local business, especially if you never leave the house to run it. However, the reality is the second you create a website you are operating in the global marketplace. This also means you are subject to many of the same laws and regulations as huge multi-national corporations. Consider all the places where you plan to manufacture, transport, and distribute products. You should understand the rules […]

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Tips for Business Owners: Get All Agreements in Writing

As a business owner, you should ensure that all agreements are in writing. This is important not just for issues relating to intellectual property but for all aspects of your business. Here are a few reasons why. It eliminates incorrect assumptions. Imagine you start a t-shirt business with a colleague. He creates the designs, and you handle operating and marketing. After a year, one particular shirt design has become so popular that a major clothing […]

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Preventing Counterfeit Trademarks – Part 6: Prevent Creation

Certain goods containing trademarks are easier than others to counterfeit. Some of that is due to the nature of the goods themselves, but it also has to do with the manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and handling processes. By putting into effect certain preventative measures, you can make it too difficult for counterfeiters to bother with your products. Additionally, it can make it easier for consumers and enforcement agencies to spot counterfeit products if they are made, […]

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Preventing Counterfeit Trademarks – Part 5: Fight Internet Sales

The internet makes it easier than ever for counterfeiters to promote their wares around the world. They don’t have to operate a brick-and-mortar storefront or even appear anywhere physically. Instead, they can hide behind the anonymity that the net provides. Fortunately for trademark owners, the internet can also be a powerful tool in fighting counterfeit trademarks, and many of the remedies it provides can be used in conjunction with and even support civil litigation or […]

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