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Do You Need a “Coronavirus Addendum” to Your Non-Disclosure and Non-Solicitation Agreements?

The current pandemic has created a new virtual world of meetings and access to confidential, proprietary information by the participants in a Zoom or other virtual meeting. Unless each participant signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”), your trade secrets and intellectual property may be compromised and subject to inadvertent disclosure or intentional theft. The participants in your company meetings may have already signed a standard confidentiality agreement or other form of NDA, but that document may […]

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The Bold Business of Bold City

“Managing a business through a pandemic is not for sissies.” That is what Susan Miller with Bold City Brewery told me when I interviewed her for this article. Susan and her son, Brian Miller, started Bold City Brewery in 2008 during the recession. They survived that economic downturn and built a successful family business brewing beer and distributing it throughout Florida. Over time, they developed a strong brand and registered the trademarks for several of […]

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Marks Gray Forms Comprehensive Business Advisory Team

Marks Gray, one of Jacksonville’s oldest and most respected law firms practicing business law, announces it has launched a comprehensive business advisory team that combines all legal counsel and services that businesses need arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. The practice is the first business-focused team of its kind in the region and can serve clients across Florida. Businesses face a myriad of legal issues because of COVID-19. These could include HR […]

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Giselle Speaks to the Association of Legal Administrators Jax on Immigration Updates and Learns from them – a Win-Win! 

Giselle was honored to speak virtually to the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) Jax on how immigration and global economics are being impacted by COVID-19.  She also learned new Zoom and Linkedin tips from ALA members!  

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Did This Cat’s Purr Infringe on a Musician’s Copyright?

In 2015, the publisher of a purring cat video — Digihaven — got into a bit of a complicated situation with EMI Music and YouTube. Why? Because according to YouTube’s automated Content ID system, 12 seconds of Phantom the cat’s purring in the hour-long video infringed upon the copyright of a musical composition called “Focus.” Yes, you read that correctly. A cat was blamed for violating a music copyright. Because of how its purr happened […]

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Your Team at Marks Gray

As a client of Marks Gray, you not only work with our experienced attorneys, you also receive an abundant amount of support from our staff.  Marks Gray’s staff is made up of highly qualified and skilled personnel who are dedicated to helping our attorneys manage your case from start to finish. We each take pride in providing the best support to our clients.   Each attorney at our firm is assigned a Legal Assistant and a […]

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