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Lessons‌ ‌Learned‌ ‌at‌ ‌the‌ International Trademark Association Leadership Meeting

This week I am attending the International Trademark Association Leadership Meeting in Austin, Texas. There are 1500 individuals from all over the world gathered in Austin to network with clients, friends, and colleagues and to learn about the latest developments in anti-counterfeiting laws, steps being taken to control illicit trade activities in Free Trade Zones, and updates on trademark law in numerous countries. Two topics I found to be very interesting:  the updates on actions […]

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Marks Gray, P.A. Celebrates 120 Years Of Practicing Law

On Nov. 14th, the Marks Gray law firm celebrated 120 years of practicing law. This is an amazing feat considering the numerous challenges in the practice of law over that time frame, the changes in technology, and the number of lawyers that have practiced law at the firm.  Richard Marks, who started practicing law in 1899, is credited as the founder of the law firm. He was later joined by his brother Sam Marks. Harry […]

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H-1B Cap Subject Petitions Will Now Come with a $10 Registration Fee

USCIS officially announced the addition of a $10 registration fee recently. They say that this non-refundable fee will be required for registrations that are submitted as part of the FY2021 H-1B cap process. This, of course, is assuming that testing of the system has actually been completed. Currently, it is not complete, so the new registration requirement has not technically been added. In fact, USCIS has said that it will provide the public with “ample […]

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Copyright Contracts on Workplace Creations Stick – Even for Taylor Swift

Through every news and social platform, a quick search will yield limitless reports (and plenty of gossip) on Taylor Swift’s recent catalog purchase. The man who bought it for $300 million is the owner of her former label — and she is sickened. If there is anything to be learned from Swift’s copyright woes, her ordeal demonstrates the sticking power of copyright contracts on your creative work. According to copyright law, all transactions were officially […]

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The Importance of Certified English Translations

How important is it to get Certified English Translation of your documents? Very. More and more, USCIS has been issuing Requests for Evidence (RFEs) and Notices of Intent to Deny (NOIDs) if translated documents do not fully comply with regulations. The types of documents they’re targeting vary, but have included birth certificates, diplomas, transcripts and more. What are those regulations? “…all foreign language documents must be accompanied by a full English language translation and a […]

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