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FAQ: My Petition is Approved – Now What?

Thankfully, after overcoming the RFEs and delays, we are getting approvals and every one is relieved.  As we receive approvals, clients often asked, “What is next? Now what?” In this PDF guide, we share answers to the FAQs about your new status and related issues. Download the PDF

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Tips for Business Owners: What to Do After Discovering Infringement of Your IP – Part 3: Take Legal Action

After discovering possible infringement of your copyrights or trademarks, you should consult with an intellectual property attorney who will offer guidance on possible legal action. Typically, there are two main steps: sending a cease-and-desist letter and then filing a petition or lawsuit if necessary. Send a Cease-and-Desist Letter In many situations, this is an appropriate and cost-effective first step. You may be able to stop the infringing actions simply by informing the individual or business […]

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Webinar: Preparing for the 2019 H-1B Season

Thursday, January 31, 2019 2 – 3 pm Sign Up Now It’s time to start planning for the 2019 H-1B Cap Season, the most uncertain to date. This webinar will break down: the fundamentals of today’s H-1B cap process examples of current challenges, and tips for navigating those challenges in this year’s H-1B cap filings.

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Shareholder Tyler J. Oldenburg’s Verdict for the City of Lake City Affirmed

The appeal was from a verdict, dated September 23, 2017, arising from a case in which the plaintiff, America’s CNG, LLC, sued the City of Lake City claiming the City was in breach of contract. As a result of the alleged breach, the Plaintiff claimed it had incurred over $12,500,000.00 in damages.

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Attorney Giselle Carson Appears on WJXT’s Morning Show

On Sunday, January 13th Giselle Carson appeared on WJXT’s Morning Show in a segment titled, The Year of the Women in Politics. Giselle shared her insight on the impact women have in politics. She also discussed two local events that have a powerful effect on her and other women in the community, Generation W and NNine in 15’s recent tribute to Women in Politics. To view the entire segment, please click here.

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Tips for Business Owners: What to Do After Discovering Infringement of Your IP Assets– Part 2: Consultation

You have evaluated someone’s use of your trademark or copyright-protected work and believe it constitutes infringement. It is now time to consult with your intellectual property lawyer. Preparing ahead of time will make your initial contact with legal counsel more efficient. The questions you have already answered for yourself are usually the ones an intellectual property lawyer will ask, so you should bring all evidence of the infringement you have found to your meeting. For […]

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