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Consumer Surveys in Trademark Infringement Cases

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Defense Research Institute (DRI) Intellectual Property Litigation seminar in Austin, Texas. During the course of the seminar, I had the opportunity to talk with an expert in consumer surveys for trademark infringement cases. Cynthia Cohen, Ph.D. with Verdict Success explained that pilot consumer surveys can often be used early in a case to help gauge whether there is likelihood of confusion among consumers with a client’s […]

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Tips for Business Owners: Develop a Trademark Enforcement Plan

You have invested time, money, and resources into the development and registration of arguably one of your company’s most valuable assets – its trademarks. The next step is developing a trademark enforcement plan to actively protect the trademarks. Although the idea may seem daunting, the core of a trademark enforcement plan boils down to three simple steps: monitor the markets in which your trademarks are used (e.g., restaurant services, clothing, toys, computers), consult an intellectual […]

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