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“Whiskey” Business – A Parody Dog Toy’s Continued Legal Battle with Jack Daniel’s

At the end of 2022, I wrote about the Jack Daniel’s parody toy case against Phoenix-based VIP Company. It has been ongoing for some time now, with both parties arguing their case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Well, just a few weeks back, there was an update on the case, and it is worth taking a closer look at what happened. The Dispute Behind the Trademark and Toy Parody  For those unfamiliar […]

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Goth IHOP Cosplay Creator Receives Cease and Desist Over Trademark Name Use

A black apron featuring bloody vampire fangs and the words Goth IHOP. Does this seem like a trademark violation to you? IHOP certainly thought so when they sent OnlyFans model Candylion what she calls a “copyright strike,” which told her to stop using their trademark name. But was this the right move on IHOP’s part? Protecting Your Trademark Vs. Appearing Stodgy and Ridiculous Obviously, IHOP has every right to protect their trademark name. The company […]

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Rogue Little Caesars Face Trademark Infringement

Franchise business operations are heavily governed by rules. These rules make it possible to both protect and share the intellectual property of the central business’s marks. When the rules are violated, the mutual commercial relationship breaks down. In Seattle, WA, several rogue Little Caesar franchises continue to serve and deliver pizza and chicken wings – after their franchise agreement was terminated in July of 2021.  Little Caesar Enterprises and LC Trademarks, Inc. have sued for […]

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