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Trademark Infringement Case Challenges Courts to Define How the Lanham Act Applies Abroad

We have talked about the Lanham Act previously in regards to how it helps define the U.S. trademark registration system. A recent case involving a U.S. company and its European distributor brings up a specific question about the Lanham Act: does it apply to international infringement? Hetronic’s Case Our focal case involves Oklahoma-based company Hetronic, a maker of radio remote controls, and their European distributor, Abitron. If what Hetronic alleges is true, one could describe […]

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Rogue Little Caesars Face Trademark Infringement

Franchise business operations are heavily governed by rules. These rules make it possible to both protect and share the intellectual property of the central business’s marks. When the rules are violated, the mutual commercial relationship breaks down. In Seattle, WA, several rogue Little Caesar franchises continue to serve and deliver pizza and chicken wings – after their franchise agreement was terminated in July of 2021.  Little Caesar Enterprises and LC Trademarks, Inc. have sued for […]

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Fighting For the Teardrop: Hershey Threatens Trademark Infringement

Hershey Co. has threatened a trademark infringement lawsuit against a California keto-cookie brand known as The Cookie Department. The alleged infringement stems from a shape that most of us know (and some of us love), the iconic teardrop shape of a chocolate chip. As part of its trademark infringement claim, Hershey asks that The Cookie Department: Halt using the chocolate chip shape in its packaging and online map symbols Hand over profits received through this […]

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