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Shanghai Police Apprehend Lego Infringers

In many copyright infringement cases, there is a bit of gray area. Perhaps the accused did not realize they were infringing on another’s intellectual property. Or they believed that their usage was allowed due to parody or educational purposes. This is not what happened a few months back in Shanghai. Since August 2022, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s Economic Investigation Team has been investigating toys sold through an online store – toys they suspected were […]

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Quantifying the Financial Value of Intellectual Property Assets

What is the value of your company’s trademarks? What about the patents or copyrights you hold? Is the value of those intangible assets reflected anywhere on the company balance sheets?   Trademarks, patents, and copyrights are often used as collateral for loans that companies obtain from banks. Merger and acquisition (M&A) agreements, if done correctly, include inventories of IP assets (both registered and unregistered) because those intangible assets bring value to the sale of the business.  […]

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