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Will Those on Work Visas Get a COVID-19 Stimulus Check?

Through the COVID-19 economic relief package, many Americans will receive financial assistance from the government, subject to income restrictions. It’s a little more complicated for tax-paying foreign nationals, such as those here on a H-1B or F-1 visa. The distribution of the stimulus money is not directly dependent on immigration status but on whether the applicant:  is a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or qualifying U.S. resident alien;  is not claimed as a dependent on someone […]

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Can an H-1B Worker Apply for Unemployment Benefits?

H-1B beneficiaries and other nonimmigrants (such as L-1, TN, and E-3 workers) are limited to working for their petitioning employer in a specific role. Those applying for unemployment benefits must be “able and available for work” in suitable positions while they collect benefits and must be actively seeking employment.  What does this mean for H-1B workers? Could other work-authorized immigrants qualify for these benefits?  Because H-1B workers, and other nonimmigrants such as L-1, TN, and […]

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What Options Do I Have If I Wasn’t Selected under the H-1B Cap?

The initial H-1B selection has come and gone, and many registrants did not make the 85,000-person cap. Because of this, many employers and foreign nationals are looking for alternatives to the H-1B. Here are three resources to help. This PDF provides an outline of both short- and long-term visa options available beyond the H-1B.  And in this video, Giselle Carson shares guidance on work visas to consider in lieu of the H-1B. And if you […]

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Will Additional H-1B Registrants Be Selected for FY2021?

Possibly. It all depends on what happens with the initial 85,000 H-1B cap registrants that were selected. What does that mean? All of those who were chosen during the initial selection have been notified. Petitioning employers whose registrations were selected now have 90 days (or until June 30, 2020) to file their H-1B petitions and meet the stringent qualification requirements.  But not all of the 85,000 who were selected will end up filing or qualifying. […]

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FAQ: F-1 Students and H-1B Cap-Gap Extensions

A Cap-Gap extension allows an eligible F-1 student to bridge the gap between the end of F-1 status and start of H-1B status, so the student can remain in the US and work during the ‘gap’.  This PDF answers FAQs about this unique extension. Download the PDF.

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Video: Should I Apply for STEM OPT if Selected under the H-1B Lottery?

Giselle Carson shares guidance for F-1 students considering applying for a 24-month STEM OPT (Optional Practical Training) Extension. Watch the video.

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