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Are You Ready to Complete I-9 Verification for an F-1 STEM OPT EAD? Read This First.

Some F-1 students may apply for work experience for up to 36 months, something that benefits both them and employers. To enjoy this benefit, F-1 students have to correctly apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and go through the I-9 Verification process. How do you do this?  First, STEM students need to remember that they must apply correctly and timely for this benefit.  Just one day of delay can make the difference between being […]

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Tips to Complete Form I-983 for the F-1 STEM OPT Extension

Are you an employer of a future STEM OPT student or a future STEM OPT student? Here are tips for completing the required Form I-983 and the training plan. Read on.

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