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Exceeding Software User-Limit a Much More Dangerous Proposition Than You Might Realize

Written by Guest Author, Marks Gray Associate Logan McEwen On February 25, 2021, the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals issued its opinion in Bitmanagement Software GMBH v. U.S. At issue was software developed for the U.S. Navy which required payment on a per-user basis, and what it meant if the Navy allowed more users of the software than it paid for. Pushing aside the issues of “how to sue the federal government” and “calculating damages […]

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Offer Presentations for Your Business? Protect Your Original Materials

Are you providing workshops, seminars, and training sessions as part of your business? Do you use your own original manuals, books, videos and presentation materials? If you are using your own original materials, you should protect them from potential infringers – unscrupulous people who take your materials, copy them and redistribute them in their name. Sadly, there are infringers everywhere making money off the hard work of others. Some of the steps you can take […]

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What Songwriters Can Do to Take Advantage of the New Blanket License for Mechanical Royalties

As songwriters know only too well, a significant portion of music these days is shared online, either by people downloading it directly or streaming it through various services. Unfortunately, up until this year, how royalties through these services work has been complicated at best. That all changed on January 1st though, thanks to the Music Modernization Act (MMA). As part of the act, a new blanket license for mechanical royalties was created, as was a […]

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Should You Talk to Your Child about Copyright Law?

There are many important issues that parents know they need to talk to their kids about. Drugs. The importance of a good education. The birds and the bees. One thing that probably flies right past most parents’ radars is Copyright law. Why in the world would you want to talk to your children about copyright law? Because kids — and honestly, all of us, really — are encountering copyright issues on a daily basis whether […]

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U.S. Copyright Office Celebrates 150 Years

Happy Birthday to the U.S. Copyright Office! In 1870, all copyright functions were placed within the Library of Congress. Since that time, the U.S. Copyright Office has grown quite a bit in both size and function, and I thought a little history lesson might help in understanding how far we have come in the world of copyrights. Copyright History in the United States The authors of the U.S. Constitution included copyright protections in Article I, […]

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Anything and Everything Is U

Michael Moore is a future-thinking artist and designer who believes that art not only surrounds us and is a cornerstone of all cultures, but that it helps to improve our understanding of different peoples as well. Because of this, he thinks it should be part of everyone’s life, and has made it his goal to explicitly combine art with culture.  He got his start providing computer-aided design (CAD) services to structural engineers and architects. Now, […]

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