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“Mass Copyright Infringement”: Internet Archive Faces Copyright Judgment

As we have discussed, a central theme of U.S. Copyright law is the stimulation of creative ideas, their free exchange, and commercial profitability from them. This is why copyright enforcement is not black-and-white/all-or-nothing – not all infringement is considered damaging. This question has come up regarding a recent ruling from a Southern NY District  Court judge, whose opinion landed in favor of four major publishers against the Internet Archive for mass copyright infringement. The publishers sued […]

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Copyright Fair Use: Distinction between Parody and Satire

Written by Guest Author, Marks Gray Associate Logan McEwen     In the United States, a copyright-protected work can be utilized without authorization of the copyright owner if it is a “fair use” of the copyright-protected work.  Fair uses of copyright-protected works generally fall into two categories: (i) commentary and criticism, or (ii) parody. The fair use exceptions balance between promoting the creation of art through copyright protection and not inhibiting freedom of speech.  Parody Parodies […]

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