Shareholder Giselle Carson Completes Kona Ironman

Marks Gray is proud to announce Shareholder Giselle Carson completed the Kona Ironman on Saturday, October 14th in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. This is Ms. Carson’s fifth Ironman. 

Ms. Carson shares why she is committed to triathlons, fitness and growing her practice with dedication and perseverance:

A triathlon in general is a wholesome sport, personal choices and performance gains and successes go hand in hand.  I made the choice to dedicate many weekends to long hours of training.  I have also struggled through injuries.  But, I have also planned, strategized, researched and kept working very hard to wow our clients.”  

Business immigration and compliance attorney, Ms. Carson finished time was 13:29:22. To

view her certificate, please click here