Pilot U.S./Canada Border Program Begins

From now until January 31, 2013, phase 1 of the Entry/Exit pilot program will take place, with DHS and the Canada Border Patrol Services taking biographic information from foreign nationals and legal permanent residents crossing at designated ports.  This collection of data is expected to facilitate an exchange of travelers’ information between the two countries and improve the flow of traffic and border security.  The following land ports will be participating in the pilot: Pacific Highway, Blaine, WA / Pacific Highway, BC; Peace Arch, Blaine, WA / Douglas (Peace Arch), BC; Lewiston-Queenston Bridge, Lewiston, NY/ Queenston-Lewiston Bridge, ON; and Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls, NY / Niagara Falls Rainbow Bridge, Niagara Falls, ON. For more information, click here.