OSC Immigration Related Investigations and Settlements

In January, OSC settled two cases involving allegations of discrimination under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). In these cases, employers imposed additional hiring requirements for non-citizens. One of the cases arose out of a referral to OSC from the USCIS E-Verify Unit. Under the settlement agreements, the employers not only have to pay civil fines but they must also engage in a variety of additional requirements such as: identify and reach non-citizen applicants not considered and provide them with an opportunity to reapply; provide back pay from lost employment resulting from the discriminatory act; review and change policies and practices to prevent unlawful discrimination; undergo and provide training; and be subject to monitoring and additional audits and reporting for at least a year. These settlements show that OSC is continuing the 2013 trend to vigorously investigate charges of discrimination under the INA and assess fines and other requirements.  Click here to read details on the City of Waterloo, Iowa case and here to read the case of SD Staffing, LLC.