Limited Window of Opportunity to File for 7 month STEM OPT Extension Under Revised Rule

Foreign students currently on STEM OPT may apply for an additional seven months to benefit from the new 24-month period of STEM OPT rule.    But, the time frame to apply is limited.   According to the latest USCIS update, applicants must submit required paperwork to request the extension between May 10 – August 8, 2016.

To qualify for this seven-month extension, students must have at least 150 calendar days remaining before the end of the 17-month OPT period at the time the Form I-765 is filed. They must also meet all other requirements for the 24-month STEM OPT extension. The 150-day minimum remainder of OPT time is aimed to provide the student with at least one year of practical training under the extension.

Any 17-month STEM OPT EAD that USCIS issued on or before May 9, 2016, will remain valid until the EAD expires, is terminated or revoked.

DHS will not automatically convert 17-month extensions into 24-month extensions. Students considering applying for this extension should contact their DSO as soon as possible to obtain additional guidance and authorization to proceed with the application.