Jill F. Bechtold and Alison H. Hofheimer appear on The National Trial Lawyers

Attorney’s Jill F. Bechtold and Alison H. Hofheimer article was featured today on The National Trial Lawyers (www.thenationaltriallawyers.org) website. The article discusses how traditionally, pharmacists have enjoyed broad protection from potential liability claims of pharmacy customers. Many courts have historically held that pharmacists owe no independent duty to customers, beyond exercising “due and proper care in filling prescription[s].” However, in the last decade, the law provides a good case study in the evolution of pharmacist liability, exhibiting what is gradually becoming a growing movement among the courts. Now, pharmacists arguably must act as a “check” on the prescribing physicians and must independently evaluate the “reasonableness” of prescriptions, including the quantity, frequency, dosage, or combination with other prescriptions.”

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