Intending to visit Mexico for business or work? Read on…

As of May 1, 2010, Mexico will institute new processing requirements for each immigration category.
Some of the most relevant changes include:

  • All migratory forms for tourists, business visitors and technical visitors with lucrative activities, who intend to stay in Mexico for up to 180 days, will be replaced by a single “FMM” form (“Forma Migratoria Multiple”)
  • The recipient of the FMM will be classified as either Business (Visitante Persona de Negocios); Visitor with Lucrative Activities (Visitante con Actividades Lucrativas) or Visitor with Non Lucrative Activites (Visitante con Actividades No Lucrativas) which will allow the foreign national to visit Mexico for businesses.
  • If the business visit extends for more than 180 days, the foreign national will have to file for a change of Immigration status to obtain the correspondent FM3.
  • New migration cards will replace the FM2 and FM3 booklets.