Immigration Tips from Giselle’s Presentation at the Coleman Roundtable

immigration tipsGiselle was recently invited by a client to snowy and beautiful Minnesota to participate in a Business Roundtable hosted by the distinguished Coleman Law Firm, LLC. There, she shared insights and practical advice on current immigration issues – primarily H-1Bs.

Here are some of the key points.

  • The process is a rollercoaster. Celebrate every win.
  • The current cap of 65,000 H-1B visas needs to change.
  • The adjudicatory process over the last two years has been even more uncertain and discretionary (and sometimes even unlawful) despite the fact that the laws haven’t changed.
  • Deference to prior approvals has been eliminated – even multiple prior approvals are now subject to the same scrutiny as an initial filing.
  • Double the time required to prepare and process a petition.
  • Be persistent, thorough, and strategic!

You can read more about the roundtable here.