Immigration Success Story: O-1A Visa Extension for Extraordinary Ability Individuals

Sports Medicine Clinical Trainer from Argentina

The Marks Gray Immigration Team regularly helps clients petition for O-1A Visas for Extraordinary Ability Individuals. This month, we are highlighting a success story of a Sports Medicine Clinical Trainer from Argentina.

After receiving his approval, our client said, “Thank you very much for this wonderful news and for all your support through this process.”

We prepared a strong petition containing references from experts in his field, press about his work, and other evidence that he continued to qualify for an O-1A visa due to his top talents and unique knowledge in the science of treatment and conditioning of elite professional tennis players. For over 15 years, he has been contributing his extraordinary knowledge and skills to tennis players around the world.

The O-1A Visa for Extraordinary Ability Individuals is for highly accomplished people, such as athletes, business executives, scientists, professors, physicians, artists, entertainers, and those in non-traditional occupations, who can show sustained national or international acclaim or a demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement in the field and are coming to the U.S. to continue working in their field of expertise.

Our documentation, up-to-date knowledge of USCIS’ requirements, and thorough preparation led to a great result: an approval of the O-1A extension! As a result, our client will continue to help professional tennis players achieve success by providing them with treatment and conditioning. The Marks Gray Immigration Team is proud to be a part of his journey.

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