Happy Travels – Tips for a Stress Free Admission to the U.S.


As we approach the holidays and more people travel, it is very important to make sure that you check your I-94 Arrival/ Departure Form every time you enter the United States.  Checking your I-94 form is easy and you can do it online.  It only requires a few minutes and your passport information.  You can download your I-94 Form here.

Unfortunately, there is a high rate of error on the admission records. It is important that the record is correct because the I-94 governs your lawful stay in the U.S., and not your passport, your visa, or your petition approval.

Make sure that you bring all required documentation with you so that you can present them to a Customs and Border Protection officer.

And also plan for potential long waiting times and thorough questioning, including questions about your recent travels, why you wish to enter the United States, and your employer’s name and address.

The Marks Gray Immigration Team wishes you Happy and Safe Travels!