Giselle Carson’s journey to become a United States Citizen is featured on

Shareholder Giselle Carson shared her personal journey in escaping the authoritarian Castro regime to Montreal, Canada then immigrating to the United States where she settled with her husband, Jeff, and became an attorney. Her experience provides a unique skill set to counsel those immigrating to the United States. The determination and effort her clients have  while searching for greater opportunities to change their current circumstances is both personal and professionally fulfilling to her practicePlease read the entire blog here

Giselle Carson is a recognized business immigration and compliance attorney.  She helps employers hire and retain global talent and develop effective immigration strategies to remain competitive and compliant in a global economy. She has been practicing law for over 15 years and for the last ten years she has dedicated her practice to business immigration. She has helped businesses and individuals obtain work visas, permanent residence status (“green card”) and naturalization.  She also guides organizations on immigration compliance including Form I-9 and government audits.