In an effort to assist you and save you time, the Marks Gray Immigration Team invites you to review our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the topics below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Resources for Employers

  1. FAQ: H-1B Transfers – When Can the Candidate Start?
  2. FAQ: Public Access Files (PAFs)
  3. FAQ: H-1B Worker Termination
  4. FAQ: Request for Evidence H-1B
  5. FAQ: Can a U.S. Employer Hire Someone Living Abroad as an Independent Contractor?
  6. FAQ: How Long Should Employers Retain Their Immigration Records?
  7. Corporate Restructuring & Immigration Compliance
  8. Corporate Reconstructing & Immigration Compliance Checklist
  9. Checklist for Documents to Collect for an H-1B Petition
  10. Can an Employee Start Working Without a Social Security Number? 
  11. What Immigration-Related Questions Can Employers Ask During the Hiring Process?
  12. Immigration Business Plan for L-1s and E-2 Investor Visas

Student Visas

  1. Comparison Chart – CPT OPT STEM
  2. FAQ: F-1 Students and H-1B Cap Gap
  3. FAQ: Obtaining a Driver’s License and Extensions for F-1 Students
  4. Tips for Employers to Complete Form I-983 for the F-1 OPT STEM Extension 
  5. Step-by-Step Guide: Form I-983 Training Plan for STEM and OPT Students
  6. FAQ: Cap Gap and H-1B Petition still Pending

Consular/Border Process

  1. FAQ: National Visa Center Processing
  2. FAQ: Consular Processing – Scheduled my Interview – Now what
  3. FAQ: L-1 Status Processing at a Canadian Port of Entry 
  4. How to Prepare for my Consular Process Interview Video


  1. FAQ: How do I correct I-94 issues
  2. Deferred Inspection Sites
  3. FAQ: Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)
  4. FAQ: Travel Abroad while Petition or Application Pending
  5. FAQ: Lifting of Geographic-Related COVID Travel Bans

Additional Resources

  1. List of NAFTA Professions and 8 CFR 214.6
  2. Certification by Translators