Discover How to Complete Form I-9 Under the New Flexible Rules. USCIS Shows Us How.

In an unusual move, USCIS recently posted examples of annotated Forms I-9 as guidance for employers. They cover both remote employment authorization inspection and performing the required physical inspection once normal operations resume.

All told, USCIS provided seven Form I-9 examples. 

These are meant to assist employers with documentation resulting from the temporary policy allowing employers to inspect Section 2 documents remotely using video, fax, email, or other. Currently, this flexibility is set to expire July 18, 2020, but could be extended. 

USCIS noted that these examples are provided as general guidance. Employers are not required to update their Forms I-9 based on these examples. 

DHS also announced another temporary change in the acceptance of List B identity documents during the I-9 verification process. Starting on May 1, employers have been allowed to treat identity documents in List B which were set to expire on or after March 1, 2020 (and not otherwise extended by the issuing authority) the same as if the employee presented a valid receipt for an acceptable document for Form I-9 purposes.

View the Form I-9 samples provided by USCIS.

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