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Surrogacy Awareness Month

March is Surrogacy Awareness Month in the United States, and for me, it’s a time to reflect on the incredible journey that led to my son’s arrival. Every day, I’m reminded of the love and selflessness of our amazing gestational surrogate, who carried and delivered him into this world. Thanks to her, my dream of becoming a parent became a reality. As I look around, I see more and more families like mine who have […]

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My Why: What Led Me to Practicing Law in Surrogacy and Assisted Reproduction

In March 2020, another woman gave birth to our son in Nevada, 2,226 miles away from our home in Florida.   The battle to get to that day began six years earlier, and involved diagnoses of infertility, multiple rounds of in vitro fertilization, two devastating miscarriages, and six failed embryo transfers. After all of that heartbreak, our doctor recommended we use a gestational surrogate to carry our baby for us.  (A “gestational surrogate” has no genetic […]

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