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Can Foreign Nationals Volunteer While Waiting for Work Authorization?

              🤔 I’m often asked by employers …. 👉 My employee wants to Do Volunteer Work while waiting for his/her work authorization… CAN WE DO THAT?  Although volunteer work is essential and good for our communities to thrive because this work makes a tangible impact on the lives of people, animals, and organizations, in the context of the question above, volunteer work is NOT allowed. The Department of Labor (DOL) […]

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Are You Eligible for the 60-Day Grace Period?

Fact pattern: Our top candidate is on H-1B status and says his prior job was terminated. He is on his 60-day grace period and anxious to start working for us. How does the H-1B 60-day grace period work?  What do we need to know to hire this candidate?  Here are some key things to know about the 60-day grace period.  What is the 60- day grace period? First, let me say – this is a […]

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How Does the 240-day Employment Authorization Extension Work?

When an employer timely files a petition for an employee in H-1B, H-1B1, L-1, O-1, E-3 or TN status to extend his/her employment in the same status, the employee may continue to work for the same employer for an additional 240 days beyond the expiration of their current status, while the petition is pending adjudication (it does not need to be approved) or until USCIS adjudicates the case, whichever is sooner. To qualify for the […]

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