Attorney Jill Bechtold hosts ADTA Webinar on Friday, June 20, 2014

Based on a new strategy of litigation, the “Reptile Strategy” is a popular technique being implemented by plaintiffs’ counsel nationwide. Jill F. Bechtold, Of Counsel will be presenting ‘Reptile Tactics’ on Friday, June 20th sponsored by the ADTA. The theory is designed to engage the jurors’ “reptilian brain” and persuade jurors to vote based on instincts and fear rather than facts and law. By creating new “safety rules” and standards for care, plaintiffs’ counsel are seeking big awards and getting them by implementing this new system.  This presentation will focus on identifying and preparing for the Reptile strategy as defense counsel, preventing the admission of discovery obtained though the Reptile method and tips for successful defense of the Reptile strategy during the discovery process.