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Monthly Archives from March 2023

The Smelliest of Florida Property Disputes: the Case of the Chumuckla Pig Pen

You’ve heard the phrase “The devil is in the details.” In recent Florida property disputes, we saw the Northwest Florida variant of that idiom: “The property line is in the pig pen.” What Happened In Chumuckla, corporate homebuilder D.R. Horton paved driveways to a road they assumed was public and within their rights. What D.R. Horton didn’t realize: this was not a public road but a private road. The private road parcel had actually been […]

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Shanghai Police Apprehend Lego Infringers

In many copyright infringement cases, there is a bit of gray area. Perhaps the accused did not realize they were infringing on another’s intellectual property. Or they believed that their usage was allowed due to parody or educational purposes. This is not what happened a few months back in Shanghai. Since August 2022, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s Economic Investigation Team has been investigating toys sold through an online store – toys they suspected were […]

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Something Tells Me It’s All Happening at the Zoo… Private Institutions and Public Funding

When you mix private institutions and public funding, the question often arises: At what point does a private company become subject to public records law? We’ve asked this question before. Now we see another example playing out in Ohio. A construction company filed a public records lawsuit against the Columbus Zoo. The two entities recently settled the dispute out of court. The construction company had requested records after its no-bid contract with the zoo came […]

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Goth IHOP Cosplay Creator Receives Cease and Desist Over Trademark Name Use

A black apron featuring bloody vampire fangs and the words Goth IHOP. Does this seem like a trademark violation to you? IHOP certainly thought so when they sent OnlyFans model Candylion what she calls a “copyright strike,” which told her to stop using their trademark name. But was this the right move on IHOP’s part? Protecting Your Trademark Vs. Appearing Stodgy and Ridiculous Obviously, IHOP has every right to protect their trademark name. The company […]

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News Station Sues to Expose Local Agency Public Records Neglect in New Orleans

Sometimes news organizations are digging for public records to aid in a larger exposé that can affect people’s lives in a very material way – like compensation for medical or repair expenses. In New Orleans, the news station Fox 8 has filed suit against the city Sewerage & Water Board for public records neglect over records pertaining to personal injury and property damage settlements and judgments. The judgments and settlements have been reached for accidents […]

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Surrogacy Awareness Month

March is Surrogacy Awareness Month in the United States, and for me, it’s a time to reflect on the incredible journey that led to my son’s arrival. Every day, I’m reminded of the love and selflessness of our amazing gestational surrogate, who carried and delivered him into this world. Thanks to her, my dream of becoming a parent became a reality. As I look around, I see more and more families like mine who have […]

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