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New Platform Should Make Copyright Ownership Transfers Faster

Copyright ownership transfers is not something that most people immediately think about where copyright is concerned. They want to know how they get copyright on something they have created. What kinds of protections they have. How to fight back if someone violates that copyright. However, transferring copyright from the individual author or artist to a business entity is actually hugely important, because it is one of the major ways that the owner of copyrighted material […]

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Did Better Call Saul Infringe Upon Liberty Tax Trademarks?

What does it mean to infringe upon a business’s trademarks? Better Call Saul is an AMC series about how a down-on-his-luck lawyer goes from “ethically challenged” to downright, well, breaking bad, like Walter White in its titular sister series.  In its six-year run, Better Call Saul has enjoyed ample critical praise and award nominations, garnering the show a lot of attention. One can imagine, however, that those involved would prefer to do without the current […]

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Are You Eligible for the 60-Day Grace Period?

Fact pattern: Our top candidate is on H-1B status and says his prior job was terminated. He is on his 60-day grace period and anxious to start working for us. How does the H-1B 60-day grace period work?  What do we need to know to hire this candidate?  Here are some key things to know about the 60-day grace period.  What is the 60- day grace period? First, let me say – this is a […]

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TTAB Dismisses Claim Pitting HUNGR against HUNGRY Due to False Evidence and Spoliation

What happens when rival food ordering application software uses similar names? In the case of Rapid, Inc. and Hungry Marketplace, Inc., the former sues the latter over using a mark they argued would cause a “likelihood of confusion” with their existing mark. With software names like HUNGR (for Rapid, Inc.) and HUNGRY (for Hungry Marketplace, Inc.), it would seem like Rapid has a point. However, that point only holds if they can prove – using […]

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Christmas in August: Lawsuit Brought Against Mariah Carey

When an individual artist achieves a certain level of material success and fame, the Piece of the Pie Effect can occur: Smaller artists try to obtain credit and compensation for their part in the success. This is often achieved through intellectual property means.  This circumstance may be arising between Mariah Carey and Andy Stone, better known by his stage name, Vince Vance, in a recent copyright infringement case. The Claims of Vince Vance Stone has […]

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