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Tiny Houses, Big Infringement

This post serves as a two-way warning, to photographers online and to online publications that use copyrighted photos. Tiny House Listings LLC, a company whose founder is based in Wilmington, NC, faces a copyright infringement complaint for use of a Texas photographer’s images without permission on the Tiny House Listings website. The photographer, Alexander Bayonne Stross, has taken the steps to mark his intellectual property assets. He displays his work on his website with clear […]

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Intellectual Property – Valuable Assets In a Business: SBRN Legal Panel 

Are you a business owner? Do you know what intellectual property assets are owned by your business?   If you are unclear on the answer to the second question, you might benefit from attending the Small Business Resource Network’s October 28th lunch meeting. You will learn about how intellectual property assets add value to your business.   The law firm Marks Gray, P.A. will sponsor a panel presentation and discussion that will feature me and the following […]

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Dolly Parton Faces Opposition from Dolly Madison in Trademark Classification

One would think that Dolly Parton can have whatever trademark registration she likes. The singer’s multi-decades career almost guarantees recognition by a majority of the US population — if not the world.  However, a current dispute between the singer and Dolly Madison, an American Bakery brand owned by Hostess Brands, illuminates trademark classification and opposition… and why Parton might have to back down on this one. Dolly’s Signature Mark Early last year, Dolly Parton filed […]

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Fighting For the Teardrop: Hershey Threatens Trademark Infringement

Hershey Co. has threatened a trademark infringement lawsuit against a California keto-cookie brand known as The Cookie Department. The alleged infringement stems from a shape that most of us know (and some of us love), the iconic teardrop shape of a chocolate chip. As part of its trademark infringement claim, Hershey asks that The Cookie Department: Halt using the chocolate chip shape in its packaging and online map symbols Hand over profits received through this […]

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