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Tips On Consistency For Trademark Owners

Consistency in the use of a trademark is extremely important to building a strong brand in commerce. It helps consumers immediately identify your business, products, and services. It creates the impression of a professional, well-organized, trustworthy company. In short, it is absolutely something you want to do. But how exactly do you do it? Consistency Starts with the Creation and Registration of the Trademark Itself  When you develop a trademark – either on your own […]

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Webinar: What You Should Do to Prepare for the FY22 H-1B Cap Season

The time is now to finalize your cases for the FY22 H-1B Cap Season.  This webinar will break down: the fundamentals of the H-1B cap process the registration process the timelines and action plan  examples of current challenges, and  tips for navigating those challenges in this year’s H-1B cap filings. Watch it now!

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Offer Presentations for Your Business? Protect Your Original Materials

Are you providing workshops, seminars, and training sessions as part of your business? Do you use your own original manuals, books, videos and presentation materials? If you are using your own original materials, you should protect them from potential infringers – unscrupulous people who take your materials, copy them and redistribute them in their name. Sadly, there are infringers everywhere making money off the hard work of others. Some of the steps you can take […]

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A Valuable Task: Trademark Clearance Searches

One of the first questions I ask a new trademark client is “Did you conduct a trademark clearance search?” Sometimes the client will say they searched on Google and found no one using the mark on the internet. Other clients will tell me they went onto the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) trademark database and searched for the word mark they want to use.   Unfortunately, these types of searches alone are not enough. […]

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National Interest Waiver Green Card Approval Success Story

We have been working with Matt and his amazing family for about five years. They came to us as a referral from Justin, another great client and athlete on a P-1 visa.  Since Matt and his family were looking for a path to a green card to continue to live, work, and contribute to the U.S., and since his company was making significant contributions to our infrastructure and ecosystem, we thought the National Interest Waiver […]

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