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Culhane’s Irish Pub: Learning How to Pivot During the Pandemic

The past five months have really been rough on our local restaurants, pubs, bars, and taprooms. First they were all shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So they had to build up their takeout and delivery services. Then they were allowed to partially open. And then shut down again.  Some establishments have gotten creative and developed new ways to conduct business. Culhane’s Irish Pub created $10 boxed lunches and started marketing the boxed lunches […]

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Giselle and Her Marks Gray Colleagues Make the Super Lawyers List Again!

Giselle is honored that she and many of her Marks Gray colleagues have been selected to the distinguished Super Lawyers list — again! To stay up-to-date on business immigration news, subscribe to our Immigration News Bites below. Subscribe

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Should You Register Your Copyrights?

I meet many business owners and individuals who have written books or manuals, taken professional photographs, created artwork, or written music, and they never register the copyrights for the original works with the U.S. Copyright Office. Some people just do not think about the issue of registering the copyrights for their original works. Others think it is too expensive to register their copyrights. So here are some facts to consider. Copyright registration is voluntary. You […]

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The Washington Redskins and the Creation of a New Trademark

In a move that was long overdue, the Washington Redskins football team announced this week that they will change their name. The first date of use claimed by Pro-Football, Inc. for the team name was over 80 years ago, on September 19, 1937. Now they have to start the process of creating and protecting a brand new trademark. There is much speculation about what the new trademark name and design will be. But most people […]

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Questions and Answers from Marks Gray about the President’s June Expansion of the Immigration Suspension

President Trump’s June 22 proclamation makes additional foreign nationals ineligible to enter the United States and extends the suspension of entry until December 31, 2020 — a timeframe that could be extended. Since I received so many questions about this proclamation, I decided to answer them in a video. Watch the video on YouTube. To stay up-to-date on business immigration news, subscribe to our Immigration News Bites below. Subscribe

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I Invented a Word. How Do I Trademark or Copyright It?

“I invented a new word. How do I trademark it?”  This is a question I was asked by a potential client this week. My response was, “What is the product or service?”  There was a long pause. A word is not a trademark — unless it is used to identify a product or service for a business in commerce and distinguishes the products/services from others.  Historically, a tradesmen who crafted a knife, tools, or guns […]

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