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USCIS Fees Are Increasing By an Average of 20%. Find Out If You Could Be Impacted.

USCIS recently released a Final Rule saying it plans to increase filing fees by an average of 20% in addition to other price hikes and adjustments to processing time limits. What exactly is changing and who is going to be the hardest hit? What is happening to Premium Processing? USCIS has asked for the ability to impose a 10% surcharge on immigration applications and plans to significantly increase filing fees starting October 2, 2020. According […]

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What You Should Know about Possible USCIS Furloughs and the Potential Impact on Your Application

USCIS has threatened to furlough more than 13,000 USCIS workers, alleging budget shortfalls. How could this impact your application? What can you do? Since 2017, USCIS has implemented an arsenal of policies and procedures that have decreased its efficiency, driven up the cost of adjudications, slowed case processings, and caused “immigration chaos.” That’s not our opinion, either — it comes from a federal judge! USCIS’ budget report shows that it will end the fiscal year […]

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