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Are You Ready to Complete I-9 Verification for an F-1 STEM OPT EAD? Read This First.

Some F-1 students may apply for work experience for up to 36 months, something that benefits both them and employers. To enjoy this benefit, F-1 students have to correctly apply for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) and go through the I-9 Verification process. How do you do this?  First, STEM students need to remember that they must apply correctly and timely for this benefit.  Just one day of delay can make the difference between being […]

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Alert for Post Covid-19 Workplaces: What You Should Know Right Now about I-9 Compliance

Over the past few months, many employers took advantage of pandemic-inspired relaxation of Form I-9 review policies that allowed for employers to examine employment eligibility documents remotely. Now that many physical locations are reopening, things are changing again. What exactly do employers need to do? For Employees Hired Utilizing Remote Verification Within three business days of resuming normal operations, you should require any employees who were hired utilizing remote verification to show up in person […]

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USCIS Announces Funding Crisis, Premium Processing in Phases. Marks Gray Explains What It Means for Your Case.

Recently, USCIS said if it does not receive $1.2 billion in emergency funds from Congress, it would furlough thousands of employees at the start of July. On the flip side, after suspending service for several months, they released a schedule for the phased reopening of premium services. What does this mean for you? Let’s deal with the budget issue first.  If USCIS is not funded and the furloughs occur, this would result in ongoing delays […]

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What You Need to Know about This Years’ Cap-Gap and H-1B Cap Petitions Pending Adjudication

We are happy to report that we have begun to receive receipt notices for some H-1B FY2021 cap-subject petitions! Below are answers to FAQs to help employers and their F-1 cap-gap students continue to plan for the H-1B cap-gap. Have receipt notices from the Vermont Service Center come in yet?  No. We’re still waiting for the receipt notices for the H-1B cap petitions filed with the Vermont Service Center (VSC), which has reported having issues […]

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Artist’s Copyright Claim Against Art Collective May Prove Futile with Nothing in Writing 

In 2015, three years after the art collective Meow Wolf initially approached her, artist Lauren Adele Oliver agreed to add her Space Owl to their exhibit House of Eternal Return. According to Oliver, they sold her on the idea by offering her both membership in the group as well as an “artist revenue share”. Over the next few years, the exhibit itself became incredibly successful, earning millions for the collective. It was even named in […]

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Sarah Palin Revives Lawsuit Against NY Times 

In 2017, the New York Times published an article regarding a printed map Sarah Palin’s political action committee distributed. It included superimposed images of crosshairs over Democratic congressional districts to be challenged in future elections. As I wrote then, Sarah Palin filed a defamation suit against the New York Times based on the article’s implicit connection between her PAC’s map and an Arizona mass shooting. The trial court dismissed her lawsuit based on an early […]

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