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What You Need to Know about the New I-9 Handbook for Employers

USCIS released its new M-274, Handbook for Employers: Guidance for Completing Form I-9, also known as I-9 Handbook. The handbook provides employers with guidance on how to complete and retain the Form I-9.  This updated version contains expanded information on properly completing the most recent edition of Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, which became effective May 1, 2020. It also provides updates on policy changes. Below we provide a summary of the main updates to […]

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What to Expect After USCIS Offices Reopen

USCIS shutdown in-person services at field offices and application support centers (ASCs) starting on March 18, 2020. Now it has announced a plan to reopen on or after June 4, 2020. What can you expect from this reopening?  USCIS is expected to reschedule ASC appointments for biometrics that were canceled. Those affected will receive new appointment letters in the mail.  If you had an InfoPass or other appointment scheduled, it must be rescheduled through the […]

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How Do I Complete the I-9 Verification of an F-1 Student Under the H-1B Cap-Gap?

Some F-1 students whose H-1B petitions were timely filed with an October 1 start date and requested change of status are eligible for a cap-gap extension of status and employment authorization. The cap-gap is the period between when the F-1 student status would end and the H-1B status begins on October 1. Qualifying students are legally able to live and work in the United States during the “cap-gap” period. The cap-gap extension ends on September […]

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How to Start Your Business

Changes in workplaces across the country have galvanized a number of people to start their own businesses. Countless corporate employees have decided not to go back to commuting and are launching their own businesses. Maybe they had a big idea during work-from-home orders. Or maybe their health prompted them to think differently about work. Marks Gray has helped numerous business owners take their first steps to launch their new enterprises. Here are some tips on […]

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What Is a Specimen of Use in Commerce for Trademark Registration?

Have you ever had a trademark application rejected because the specimen of use in commerce was not acceptable? This can be very frustrating if you do not understand the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) requirements for submitting specimens. An applicant for trademark registration must attach specimens of the trademark being used in commerce when an in-use application is filed or a Statement of Use is submitted (for an intent-to-use application that has received […]

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IP Tips for Business Owners During a Downturn in the Economy

Great ideas and new businesses are often born during downturns in the economy.  Resourceful people are out of work, or their businesses have been shut down. And they start to think about the business they always wanted to start, the clever new product they considered developing, or even selling their business.  With time on their hands and no money coming into the business or household, many start thinking of ways they can solve their problems. […]

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