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Supplemental Register, What Is That?

So, you filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for your new business trademark hoping to obtain a registration of your trademark on the Principal Register. Three months later a trademark examining attorney sends you an Office Action (refusal to register) and suggests that you amend the application to the Supplemental Register.  You then ask, “What is the Supplemental Register?” If your trademark is considered merely descriptive but the […]

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Giselle Carson Speaks with Kent Justice about the Pause on Immigration

  Giselle Carson spoke with Kent Justice on WJXT News4Jax about how the temporary pause on immigration could impact the United States.

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SHRM Jacksonville’s Three-Part Webinar Series Mind+Body+Soul

SHRM Jacksonville is hosting a webinar series designed to help us keep self-care in mind. The goal is to give participants tips and tricks in each session that they can use and share. Panel: Fit Body? Fit Mind? What Motivates You in Times of Uncertainty Giselle Carson will moderate the SHRM panel discussion: “Fit Body? Fit Mind? What Motivates You in Times of Uncertainty”. She will be joined by panelists Kim Biehunik-Justiss HR FL Wellbeing […]

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Will Those on Work Visas Get a COVID-19 Stimulus Check?

Through the COVID-19 economic relief package, many Americans will receive financial assistance from the government, subject to income restrictions. It’s a little more complicated for tax-paying foreign nationals, such as those here on a H-1B or F-1 visa. The distribution of the stimulus money is not directly dependent on immigration status but on whether the applicant:  is a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or qualifying U.S. resident alien;  is not claimed as a dependent on someone […]

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Temporary Suspension of Immigration: What Does It Mean for You?

Trump’s recent late-night tweet about a suspension of immigration added to the anxiety and stress of many. Especially since it was unclear what it actually meant. Now the official proclamation is out, so we can finally dive in and talk about how it’s likely to impact you. The proclamation became effective on Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 11:59 PM ET. It expires 60 days from its effective date but may be extended as necessary.  It […]

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