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How Public Pressure to Boycott Backcountry Brand Halted One Trademark Infringement Claim

Last year, on advice from their legal team, decided to pursue a trademark infringement claim on a small Colorado-based business named Marquette Backcountry Ski. The comparative giant of retail outdoor sports and equipment,, filed suit against Marquette Backcountry Ski (and a dozen others, actually) for using the term “backcountry” in their name. What did not consider was public response. Small Business Owner in Colorado Stands His Ground in Court When sued […]

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Does Your STEM OPT-based EAD Extension Extend Your Work Authorization?

When qualifying criteria are met, STEM OPT-based EAD extensions do extend your work authorization.  Unfortunately, these extensions can be easily confused with the automatic 180-day extensions. We’ve already written about those elsewhere, but we’ll cover the basic requirements below, so you can understand the differences between these extensions. About the STEM OPT-based EAD Extension The STEM OPT extension applies to the work authorization. Upon STEM OPT EAD approval, the period of time is rolled into […]

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