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Scam Alert: Misleading Trademark Offers And Notices

Scams, deceptive offers, and solicitations from third-party vendors are abundant in the world of trademarks.  Trademark owners who choose to register their trademarks through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) usually start receiving misleading correspondence through email or the U.S. Mail within days of filing a trademark application. Once you file a trademark application with the USPTO, the application becomes a public record in a matter of days. All of your contact information […]

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The Economic Impact of International Students in the US

The number of international students coming to study in the U.S. has declined for three straight academic years. This is significant because of the money these students bring in. How much money are we talking about? According to Open Doors, international students added $45 billion – yes, with a “B” – to the US economy in 2018. And that’s after the declines of recent years. What about all the money our country spends to bring […]

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Giselle Carson’s Interview with WJCT’s First Coast Connect

Giselle was recently interviewed on First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross, where she spoke about changes in immigration law. The main issue Giselle covered was the new process people have to go through to apply for H-1B visas that was just announced by the Trump administration. The interview aired Monday, February 17. Listen Now

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Bearing False Witness or False Goods

Written by Guest Author, Marks Gray Associate Logan McEwen The internet and associated commerce significantly reduced barriers for the entry of new and small businesses, primarily in marketing and consumer reach. What business owners (and their attorneys) now encounter with increasing frequency are counterfeiters and unscrupulous competitors.  In the age of dropshipping, internet reviews, consumer forums, social media, and digital storefronts, bad actors in the marketplace can hit the ground running to start counterfeiting your […]

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Giselle Carson’s Interview with Cox Radio 

Giselle was recently interviewed by Clarence Natto on Jacksonville’s First Coast Forum and answered questions about business immigration, focusing particularly on the changes to the H-1B cap season this year. Listen to the interview.

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Recipes and the Trouble with Copyright Protection

Are you starting a new restaurant based on some family recipes? Or selling fresh baked goods based on a recipe you created? Are you thinking about how to protect that recipe so no one else will copy or steal it?  Make sure you educate yourself on how best to protect your recipe. A recipe is considered “a mere listing of ingredients” and is not protected under copyright law. However, if the recipe is accompanied by […]

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