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Information You Need To Know Before You File A Copyright Application

Filing a copyright application can seem like an easy process until you get stumped. So here are a few issues to think about before you complete the application: What type of work are you trying to register? Literary Work – books, poetry, directories, catalogs, computer programs Work of the Visual Arts – photos, fine, graphic and applied art; maps, technical drawings Sound Recording – audio recordings fixed in a phonorecord, CD, cassette, vinyl, audio tape […]

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Photographers and Owners of Copyright Registrations, Beware of State Sovereign Immunity Issues!

Photographers frequently encounter businesses and individuals who want to use their work without giving credit or paying for the right to use the photos. A pending copyright infringement case pending before the U.S. Supreme Court may make it easier for states to get away with this. Allen v. Cooper Allen v. Cooper, 139 S.Ct. 2664 (petition for certiorari granted June 3 2019) addresses the case of videographer and producer/director Rick Allen, who filmed the salvaging […]

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Yoga in the Courthouse

If you’re a regular reader of these news bites, you’ve probably seen mentions of Jacksonville Bar Association’s Yoga in the Courthouse. It’s a program we regularly participate in to support the health and wellness of legal professionals. But yoga is beneficial for all people, which is why we’re proud to support Yoga 4 Change for ex-cons. As the name implies, this is a program that offers yoga classes to those who have previously been incarcerated. […]

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So You Want To Register Your Trademark: What Do You Need Before You Begin

“I want to trademark my logo, what do I need to do?” This is a common question we hear from potential clients.  My first inclination is to let the potential client know that the logo, if it is being used in commerce to identify the source of a company’s goods and services, is already considered a trademark. We need to register the trademark with either the State and/or the United States Patent and Trademark Office […]

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Why Is the I-94 So Important?

Simply put, an I-94 record contains all of the most important information related to a nonimmigrant’s stay in the United States, including detailing how long they can remain in the country and what kinds of things they can do while here.  Moreover, it serves as proof of their lawful admission to the United States. If this form contains errors that aren’t noticed until too late, the person holding it and their employer can find themselves […]

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Why Strategic Preparation for New H-1B Cap Filings Is Needed Pre-Registration

This year, significant changes to the H-1B cap-subject application process are expected to go into effect. There are still many unknowns, a high likelihood of RFEs, and a very tight deadline. For the highest chance of success, it is crucial to begin strategic preparation before registration and be ready to file soon after filing opens. Here are a few reasons why. To facilitate work authorization and adjudication by October 1st.  H-1B registration will occur in […]

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