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Supreme Court Rules Trademark Licenses Survive Bankruptcy

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court tied up loose ends in a case that is being called “the most significant unresolved legal issue in trademark licensing.” The Court ruled 8-1 in the case of Mission Product Holdings, Inc. v. Tempnology, LLC (Supreme Court May 2019) that, if a trademark owner goes bankrupt, they cannot take away the rights of licensees to use trademarks that were already licensed. This is the last piece of a puzzle […]

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Federal Judge Stands Up for Press Freedoms in the Age of Assault on the Media

After thoughtful review of the evidence and careful consideration, U.S. District Judge Mark Walker of the Northern District of Florida dismissed a defamation suit against Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times journalist Eric Lipton. A former professor at the University of Florida and a vocal proponent for the benefits of GMO crops, scientist Kevin Folta cited 32 statements within Lipton’s 2015 article investigating Monsanto’s ties with the scientist and the academic community in relation to GMOs. […]

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International Trademark Association’s 2019 Annual Conference in Boston

This May, I traveled to the International Trademark Association’s 2019 Annual Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Below you will find photo highlights from the conference. I look forward to sharing what I learned there in upcoming posts.

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H-1B Cap Update: Initial Adjudications and Data Entry Complete

Our clients strategically used Premium Processing to file a limited number of H-1B cap-subject petitions. We’re thrilled to report that these petitions, many including Level 1 positions, have been approved without an RFE. This is a breakthrough that we have not seen in months! Working proactively with our clients to develop strong primary and secondary evidence in support of the current requirements for H-1B petitions is having the desired result. USCIS has also announced that […]

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An Outline of the President’s Immigration Reform Plan

President Trump announced a new plan to reform our legal immigration system. It aims to create a merit-based immigration system and strengthen border security. The proposed system has no reduction to the overall numbers of immigrant visas. Instead, it changes the qualifying criteria. The proposed employment-based merit system would benefit younger workers with job offers and very high levels of education and skills. We believe that our immigration system needs to be reformed and updated […]

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Law Day 2019: We need a free and independent news media

A divine spark burns in each of us, waiting to ignite the light of wisdom and human fulfillment. The spark will wither and die if we are denied the freedom to think and speak and express ourselves as our consciences dictate, unfettered by fear of government retaliation. This is not my idea, nor is it a revolutionary idea. Neither was it completely new to Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin, John Adams and […]

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