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Tips for Business Owners: Develop a Trademark Enforcement Plan

You have invested time, money, and resources into the development and registration of arguably one of your company’s most valuable assets – its trademarks. The next step is developing a trademark enforcement plan to actively protect the trademarks. Although the idea may seem daunting, the core of a trademark enforcement plan boils down to three simple steps: monitor the markets in which your trademarks are used (e.g., restaurant services, clothing, toys, computers), consult an intellectual […]

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FAQs for F-1 Students Transitioning to Cap-Subject H-1Bs

This downloadable PDF was written with the assistance of Ellen Mazujian, our newest team member who served as an International Student Advisor at NYU before joining us.  In the document, you’ll find answers to FAQs about the transition, including information on the cap-gap extension. Download Now

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Broadcasters: How to Protect Yourself from Photo Lawsuits

By Edward L. Birk and Crystal T. Broughan In a recent post, we wrote about the fast-paced world of broadcasting, made even faster by the Internet age, and how this has led to the temptation of pulling imagery from websites without confirming copyright and securing proper permission. The reuse of online content is very easy to accomplish. The consequences can be very painful to the bank account. According to Federal court listings, a comparison of […]

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The Secret to Longevity Revealed…

Giselle wanted to know the secret to living a timeless, vibrant, and stylish life at 101 years old. Dr. Fran Kinnie’s advice was: “Keep your heart ️young and mind open.” What a pleasure and inspiration to spend time with Fran at Jacksonville University’s Public Policy Institute, where Giselle previously served on the Advisory Board. Thank you, Fran!

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Social Media Photo Copyright: Apart from Selfies, Who Can Give Permission for Reuse Is Not Always Clear

By Crystal T. Broughan and Edward L. Birk As fast-paced as the internet has made the transmission of news and information, it can be tempting for media outlets and bloggers to grab the first eye-catching image relevant to a story. But any trusted intellectual property or media law attorney would tell you not to do this – otherwise, you could find your organization neck deep in litigation over what seemed to be an “open source” […]

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Forbes: Frightening Data on H-1B Crackdown

Forbes recently highlighted alarming data on how the H-1B adjudicatory process is affecting U.S. businesses and in particular the IT services sector. If you’re a frequent reader of my newsletter, you know about the unprecedented number of Requests for Further Evidence (RFEs) and outright denials. This article objectively shows the numbers: If you’re a frequent reader of my newsletter, you know about the unprecedented number of Requests for Further Evidence (RFEs) and outright denials. This […]

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