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Giselle Carson & Leadership Florida

Celebrating Florida, the Gulf Coast Region, and the Ringling with Giselle’s Leadership Florida classmates!

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Guides for Managing Someone Else’s Money

Co-authored by Sharon L. Palmer, ACP, FRP Being named to take care of someone else’s money – whether as a trustee of a trust, as a court appointed guardian, or as an agent under someone’s durable power of attorney – can be a tremendous responsibility. It’s easy for the person assigned to that task to become confused about their duties, responsibilities, and the legal requirements that come along with that task. If one adds all that to the actual […]

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Accused of Trademark Infringement: Do You Have Insurance?

As more businesses use the internet to advertise their goods and services, more business owners are discovering copyright and trademark infringement issues that impact their businesses.  People duplicate photos, logos, portions of books, manuals, and websites that they find on the Internet – but they don’t obtain permission from the original owner of the copyrighted work or trademark. Since business owners are increasingly beginning to understand the value of protecting their trademarks and obtaining copyright […]

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Podcast Interview: The Immigration Lawyers Podcast

We’re excited to share Giselle’s podcast interview with John Khosravi on his show “The Immigration Lawyers Podcast”, covering issues of work-life balance, H-1B updates, and the invisible wall. Listen now.

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