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Tax Breaks That Help YOU While You Help Your Parents

Co–authored by Kristine M. Scott, Estate Planning Associate Over 17 million people in the United States are actively taking care of their elderly parents, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Providing that care is important—but it can be costly. One study concluded that an average family spends $140,000 over time when caring for an elderly family member. However, an unlikely friend, the IRS, provides four tax breaks that will help with the financial burden of elderly care. […]

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Statute of Limitations and Statute of Repose in Florida Construction Defect Litigation

A claimant’s right to bring a cause of action based on a construction defect does not extend indefinitely.  Builders, developers, contractors, and owners all must be aware of the time limitations for filing a lawsuit for construction related claims. In cases involving the design, planning, or construction of an improvement to real property, the Statute of Limitations provides that a claimant has four years to bring a lawsuit after a project is completed or upon […]

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Trademark Scams: What to Expect After Filing Your Application

I recently went through the process of filing trademark applications for my law firm’s trademarks. Now I am receiving all kinds of scam mail from companies claiming to publish international catalogues of trademarks and offering global trademark protection. I realized that my clients receive these scam mailings every time a new trademark application is filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. So below is a list of scam mail I received, along with […]

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Giselle Speaks: AIA HR Large Firm Roundtable,River City Live and Generation W 2018: Rise & Shine

In April, Giselle had the pleasure of speaking at the AIA HR Large Firm Roundtable, appearing on River City Live with Donna Orender from Generation W, Inc., and being a panelist at the “Generation W 2018: Rise & Shine” event at the University of North Florida. “What an honor to be a panelist for the ‘US of America’ section at Generation W!” says Giselle. “The panel brought together a diverse group of women leaders to […]

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Simon Tam’s Journey to the U.S. Supreme Court

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending the Defense Research Institute (DRI) Intellectual Property Litigation seminar in Denver, Colorado. Simon Tam was one of the featured speakers and he spoke about his journey to the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Tam v Matal. (See blog article Disparaging Words and ‘The Slants’ on March 8, 2018) Simon Tam and his legal teams were the persistent force that led to the U.S. Supreme Court issuing […]

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Social Media Questions for Visa Applicants

U.S. Department of State recently proposed new questions that would require visa applicants to disclose all social media identities used in the last five years. They may also ask about international travels and request a five-year history of applicants’ phone numbers and email addresses. Exemptions will be made for diplomatic and official visas. If you will be applying for a visa, be aware that you may need to gather this additional information to prepare for […]

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