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Flipping the Bird at the President Is Protected Speech; Bragging about It on Social Media, Not So Smart

  A recent court case reaffirmed that flipping the bird in protest is usually protected speech, not disorderly conduct. When the gesture is used to express contempt, anger, or protest, and not a “true threat,” in most situations a person cannot be guilty of a crime. But can you be fired from your job for flipping the bird? And what if you took it one step further… and flipped the bird at the President? Recently, […]

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Copyright Tasks to Complete Before Next Year – Part 1

When preparing to-do lists this holiday season, don’t forget to include protecting your business from infringement liability and securing copyright assets. In particular, there are two tasks you should complete before 2017 ends. Task 1: Re-file Your DMCA Agent Registration Does your company operate a website where third-parties can post their own content, including text, picture, or video? You could be liable for copyright infringement if any content is posted without the copyright owner’s permission. […]

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Social Media, Cloud Files, and More: Estate Planning for Your Digital Assets

These days, most of us find ourselves living in a technology-driven world—from our social media accounts, to our online bill pay, and even our food delivery services. But what happens to those accounts when you die? Well, if no end of life planning is done, the answer could be a nightmare for your family. When most of us sign up for a new account, whether it be a bank account, social media, or storage service, […]

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A Right That Artists May Not Be Aware They Have

Why Estate Planning and Copyrights Can Get Complicated Fast Many are aware that the 1976 Copyright Act grants copyright protection for an artist’s lifetime plus 70 years. However, it also grants a less commonly known form of protection, which only became available in 2013: the right to terminate transferred copyrights. If an artist transfers a copyright by gift, sale, or to a trust, the artist or the artist’s statutory heirs can regain those transferred rights […]

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After Diagnosis: What Medical Advance Directives Do You Need?

Being diagnosed with a life-changing or life-threatening illness is frightening. In addition to receiving a scary diagnosis, all the meetings with physicians, researching treatment options, having family discussions, and decision making can quickly become overwhelming and exhausting. The seemingly endless medical and insurance paperwork turns into a full-time job – at a time when you need all your strength and energy to focus on battling your illness. With the hope of taking some of the […]

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